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RB30 Factory Cylinder Head change over

RB30 factory single cam cylinder head.

This price is for change over cylinder head which are not soft or beyond repair.

Due to the high horse power applications causing cam tunnels to crack we now offer fully welded cam tunnel option for RB Cylinder heads.


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Full specifications

RB30 factory single cam cylinder head.

Change over cylinder head to fit factory or billet block.

Welded cam tunnel option for high horse power applications, over 35 psi boost.

Head is complete and assembled ready to bolt on with...

  • Head intake & exhaust ports are CNC ported only. Chambers are not CNC ported.
  • Stainless intake valves     (+1mm from std)
  • Stainless exhaust valves     (+1mm from std)
  • Beehive super finished valve springs or double valve springs with titanium retainer
  • Molly retainers
  • Machined locks
  • LIFT .100” .200” .300” .400” .450” .500” .550”
    Intake CFM 52 105 151 193 196 197 201
    Exhaust CFM 56 50 123 127 129 131 132
  • Bronze Exhaust Valve Seats are optional extra not included in price. POA .Please request when ordering.
  • Bronze Valve Guides are optional extra not included in price. POA. Please request when ordering.
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