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Holden V8 Billet Block

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Full specifications

The Bullet Holden V8 has been designed to suit applications producing up to 3000hp plus.

This product has vastly improved block rigidity and improved deck thickness over the stock unit. Combined with increased head stud diameter this product delivers exceptional head sealing qualities which is perfect for big PSI applications.

Distortion of cylinder bores and crank tunnel is dramatically reduced through design improvements and a Bullet 4 bolt main cap system. This product offers weight savings of 16kgs over the un-modified OEM cast iron block, 23kgs over grout filled 4 bolt steel main cap performance modified OEM cast block and comes in 3 models, Wet or Dry Deck (open or closed deck) with water jackets & a Solid Drag only version.

-Priority oiling design.
- Optional STD deck height 8.875" or 9.100" tall deck.
-Optional 0.905 or 0.937 lifter
-60 mm cam journal.
-Brass cam location plate.
-Hard anodized Aluminium main caps.
-1/2 inch main studs with 7/16 outer studs.
-Raised cam.
-Block comes with custom 1/2 inch head studs.
-Dual pattern sump rail.
-Built in external oil pump mount

So Street-Strip-Circuit-Bullet has you covered!

the bullet difference
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Name of product Bullet Billet Holden V8 block.
Actual Weight 47kg
Block Material 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminium.
Design improvements 4 bolt mains, increased block deck and cylinder wall thickness. Performance sleeves fitted.
Studs included ARP 8740 1/2” Head Studs. 1/2" & 7/16” Main Studs.
Modifications required to fit Remote Oil Filter Kit and external oil pump.
Modifications to head required Drill out head stud holes to 13.5mm.
HP rating 3000+*
Significant benefits Weight saving, significantly increased rigidity and durability and fully repairable.
Finish Raw machined alloy.
Options available Wet or Dry Deck and Solid Drag only blocks available.

the bullet difference

head sealing

The optional Bullet Fire Ring head sealing system uses a metallic gasket with grooved brass rings for the cylinders that provide exceptional head sealing under ultra high loads.


Increased deck thickness increases rigidity and stability for better head gasket sealing.


Bullet supply premium studs and block plugs with all billet blocks.


Our blocks are machined from 6061 aircraft-grade billet aluminium, so they are much lighter than cast iron alternatives. Typical weight savings are more than 20kg.


Our unique design incorporates siamese bores, dry sleeves and a one-piece cradle resulting in maximum rigidity. Cylinders stay round and piston rings seal better under high load resulting in more power.

4 bolt mains

Four bolt, billet one piece main cradle improves bottom and rigidity to reduce main tunnel deflection under extreme load. The cradle is made from the same material to ensure equal expansion rates and maintain a  round bearing housing at different temperatures.


Bullet’s registered designs are developed to identify and eliminte structural weaknesses in OEM blocks. They are built to exceptionally precise tolerances for exceptional results.


Cooling system design improvements and efficient fluid paths are a significant feature of the Bullet block.

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